French, Feminine and Elegant. Calacatta marble flooring is the tone for the flooring as well as the foundation of the space softly washed sage walls, two spectacular original heritage walls creating contrast and texture. An accent wall painted a deep dark green holds court to a collection of old gold old rococo inspired mirror collection.

The bathroom walls are painted with a sophisticated black and white broad stipe. The champagne bar is edited in a black contrasting marble.

Sumptuous velvet clad banquette seating and sofas are contrasted with fine French striped dining chairs. Traditional cafe chairs pull up to honed marble cafe tables. A large crystal chandelier originally destined for city hall dances its diamond sparkle across the lower level walls into the reflecting mirrors. The coffee station counter is a charming old shop counter from KwaZulu-Natal.


A moody, atmospheric, classic French Brasserie. Warm, beautifully restored parquet floors collected from old houses are the canvas for this setting. The walls are the original, historical brickwork oozing character and charm. The existing timber window frames have been brought back to life and an old street map of Paris clads the walls of the lift casing.

The furnishings and bar are an eclectic collection of style and timber.  The dining chairs are stay all night comfort in lux red velvet contrasted by beautiful leather spoon back chairs.

The bathrooms are classic black and white checkerboard marble floor tiles with a traditional old French stripe walls mirroring the tones of the Brasserie.

A contemporary private dining is an art collection and exhibition in honour of the renowned artist Paul du Toit, inspired by the studio of the late Paul du Toit, the cement floor is like the artist’s studio, splattered with the typical paint colours Paul preferred to use. The walls are a concrete slurry to showcase the brightly colored artwork, ceramics and sculpture.

The old work bench and artist paint brushes are in memory of Paul’s studio set up.

The dining table is a copy of Paul’s table in his studio with accompanying ghost chairs. The artwork on the table is a recreated magnificent black and white as Paul had painted his own table, all with the family consent.

The walls are adorned with vignettes of Liam’s personal art collection, an eclectic collection of beautifully narrated artwork.


A masculine, dignified space, sumptuous velvet club chairs and chesterfield sofas envelope nuances of old Cape Town,

A bespoke leather clad whiskey wall of privately owned lockers to house personal whiskey collections.

The old, refurbished parquet hold the space, the chesterfields are old worn leather with deep button tufting, pull up lounge chairs are in military blue and chartreuse with heraldic accenting throw pillows.  The coffee tables are an eclectic mix of nostalgic styles.

A custom wallpaper adorns the bathroom walls, with black and white checkerboard marble tiled floors.


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6pm - 9:30pm


Monday - Saturday

12pm - 9pm